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About Denise Chilton

My name is Denise Chilton. I am an Executive Coach based in Liverpool but the joys of modern technology mean that I can coach people I haven't met. I have worked with clients from the Highlands of Scotland, across Europe, Egypt and the USA.

I provide coaching to a wide range of clients across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors including:

  • individuals
  • business owners
  • senior leaders
  • healthcare professionals
  • other coaches.

My coaching services include:

  • executive coaching
  • business coaching
  • outplacement coaching
  • returnship coaching
  • life coaching
  • consultant coaching
  • coaching for startups
  • academic coaching. 

I specialise in coaching women in business, including female leaders, executives and business owners, empowering them to be the best version of themselves. In 2017, I published my first book "Suddenly Single", which was written to help women regain control of their lives. In the same year, I was awarded the Northern Power Women 'Mentor of the Year'.

Before setting up my own coaching business, I had a 15-year management career in financial services but I decided to do something more about my passion for helping people unlock their potential. I trained with The Coaches Training Institute and qualified as a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) with the International Coach Federation. You can read more about my coaching journey here.

Today, I work with men and women who want to experience life to the full, whether that is in their personal life or professional life. My coaching programmes are designed for ambitious people and businesses who, amongst other things, want to perform better, work smarter and feel less stressed. Since setting up my coaching business, my clients have left jobs, found new ones, started new businesses and expanded existing businesses. They have ended relationships that weren't working, started new relationships that do work and felt happier in the relationship they have.

My clients have been promoted, survived redundancy, improved their relationship with their manager and those they manage. They feel more skilled at working strategically, improved their profile within the organisation they work and reduced their stress levels. They all have a better work-life balance and have achieved set goals. Men and women who have had the coaching experience generally feel more confident, content and happy with themselves and the life that they have.

I am also accomplished at providing health and wellbeing initiatives with particular expertise in stress management training programmes. My training programmes help organisations support their employees to be healthy, productive and happy in their jobs and, at the same time, bring down the costs associated with stress in the workplace!

So if you have read anything here and feel that it was written especially for you - it was. If you are longing to make a change and experience more of your life or if you are an organisation who wants to develop its people to make for a better workplace, then get in touch - I’d love to help. I provide a range of informal, informative and fun training programmes designed to support leaders of an organisation to meet the demands of their role.

Get in touch

Clients tell me how coaching has changed their life and how it has been the best investment they have ever made. Read more about what my clients say. Pop me an email or give me a call 07960 478023.

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