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Empower Hour

The New Twitter Support Network for Women in Business

Empower Hour is a Twitter support network helping to empower women in their businesses, careers, education and relationships. I set it up in May 2017 to further my work in empowering women to live life to the full. The idea of Empower Hour is that women offer each other advice on all-things-business. Each week, we discuss a new topic, whether that is mental health, relationships, self-care or something else. We are frequently joined by a guest host who specialises in a particular area and can offer valuable insights to the women who join.

If you would like to join, Empower Hour takes place every Friday evening between 8pm and 9pm (BST). All you need to do is follow @EmpowerHourUK and use the hashtag #EmpowerHour

Empower Hour is a new twitter chat for women in business

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