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Executive Coaching - "She has brought strength, clarity, and confidence out in me."

I'm Nickala, former SEE Change Programme Lead with UnLtd and the Director of Flourish CIC. I had both life and business coaching with Denise Chilton. I sought coaching because I had hit a crossroads at work and was looking at developing my own business but I was facing pressure and stress both at home and at work. I also wanted to boost my confidence in decision-making, communication and work out what my personal and professional priorities were. I coach and support many people myself and really believe that coaching can make a difference. This time I was ready for someone to coach me!

I had worked with Denise before and I had also benefitted from her coaching expertise before. I really like her holistic and creative approach. I can trust Denise to challenge me and to encourage me to think but at the same time, I know that Denise really does care. She wants me to find the right path and my explore own solutions.

Each time that I have sought life coaching and support from Denise, she has brought strength, clarity, and confidence out in me at times when I have needed it the most. There have been times, over the past 5 years, when I have experienced great difficulties in my home life and at work. I really believe that without Denise’s support, I would have struggled for longer and made poorer decisions. Instead, I am able to take the time I need to think and make calculated confident decisions.

I would sum up my coaching experience with Denise as - Great. Comforting. Challenging. Professional. I have recommended her to others and would do so again. Denise was flexible with timing, venues and payment and I really appreciated that.

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