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Executive Coaching - "Denise has helped me to consolidate my new professional identity."

I was looking for coaching because I needed some support making a major professional transition. I had been working in the public sector for 24 years but I wanted to set up my own consultancy business so I had executive coaching with Denise Chilton. Denise is a fellow Common Purpose graduate and I got to know her very well during the course. Given Denise’s experience and proven track record in coaching, I felt that she had the range of skills in business development that I was looking for. This, and her particularly insightful approach made her the perfect choice.    

My coaching experience has had a fantastic effect on my life. Denise has supported me through every critical stage in my professional transition. Her intervention has helped me to stay on track, even in those moments when self-doubt creeps in and confidence dips. Working with Denise has helped me to consolidate my new professional identity and accelerate my personal successes in my new role. Working with Denise is an absolute delight. She is gently challenging and yet incredibly effective. Her techniques have a long-lasting impact because they deal with fundamental issues opposed to superficial quick fixes!

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