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Life Coaching - "I am calmer, happier and more confident"

I am Mandy and I underwent a six-month business and life coaching programme with Denise Chilton. I had worked with Denise before so I knew that she would be the right coach for me. I sought coaching because I felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential in life. I had recently lost a large amount of weight and whilst I did feel better about myself, there was still something holding me back both personally and professionally.

The coaching process was different to what I expected but every session felt very natural and had a profound effect on me. Denise has many tools at her disposal and although I had thought that I was ready to focus on the future, we quickly established that there were some issues that needed addressing first.

Coaching really has made a huge difference. It was life-changing and empowering. I would say that I am almost unrecognisable now. I had carried a negative voice inside my head since my childhood but that voice has now gone. I am calmer, happier and a whole lot more confident. I wear different clothes, I behave differently but most importantly, I feel different. I feel happy. Even though life is not easy – I can say that I am proud of myself and that is an amazing feeling.

The biggest personal benefit of coaching for me was learning what my life’s purpose is. I now actively spend time living out my purpose and it really is making a difference to how I feel. In contrast, the biggest professional benefit of coaching is the newfound trust I have in my own abilities. I can express my views without emotion and look at challenges more objectively. In some ways, I have pushed myself harder but I am now also able to say, “that is good enough”.

Since undergoing coaching with Denise, I have recommended her to all sorts of women in male-oriented environments, where it can be difficult to succeed on your own merit. I tell these women that coaching will enable them to be the best that they can be.

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