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Business Coaching - "It was like a cloud had lifted."

My name is Karen Wilson. I am the Sales and Marketing Director at ITS Sheffield. I came to coaching after running Relaxing Alternatives, a very successful health and well-being company, delivering workshops and initiatives around well-being in the workplace. I had been doing that for a number of years and was feeling like I wanted a new challenge. My husband ran an IT company, ITS Sheffield and the business was expanding. I had been getting involved on the Sales and Marketing and enjoying it. In addition, we had bought the Citrus House, a property in Rhodes and I was working on promoting that to generate an income. I felt it was time to let Relaxing Alternatives take a back seat but I was struggling to see how it fitted into our long term plans.

The coaching sessions were hugely beneficial.   Denise clearly explained that in our relationship I was the expert in my own life. I had my own answers or knew where to find them and this wasn’t an advice-giving session. The questions she asked were very thought-provoking and allowed me to explore a variety of things I had thought about previously but instantly dismissed as not possible. The sessions gave me time to get curious and look at options from a variety of perspectives.  Denise created a really safe space and I felt really listened to. I came along each week with my own agenda and Denise always managed to link that into my bigger picture and end goals so I could see clearly what I needed to do next.

Coaching made a huge difference. Within a few sessions, I was a lot clearer on what I really wanted and how to get there. I decided to focus my energies on ITS and the Citrus House as this is what I was enjoying the most and it met with my values.  I decided to wind down Relaxing Alternatives, a huge step for me to let go of but it was the right thing to do and it was like a cloud had lifted. I really feel like I have made huge steps in such a short period of time. ITS Sheffield and the Citrus House are both benefiting from more of my focus, time and energy and both businesses are reaping the rewards in terms of profitability and productivity. It has also had a positive effect on life at home and more balance.

If someone else was thinking about having coaching, I would say don’t hesitate, just do it. It may be the best investment in yourself you ever make.

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