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Coaching for Macmillan Professionals

If you are a Macmillan Professional then coaching is just one of the ways Macmillan Cancer is supporting you in your role.

The Macmillan coaching programme is particularly effective for participants who need support managing stress, managing workload, navigating change, improving work-life balance, dealing with conflict and thinking strategically. 

I have been an approved coach on the Macmillan Coaching Programme since the programme started in November 2014. I work closely with the Macmillan Learning and Development Project Lead to help promote the benefits of the programme. I was selected to attend the Macmillan Cancer Support National Conference to co-facilitate the coaching programme and enlighten the conference delegates to its benefits.

Coaching for Macmillan professionals improves organisation, communication and confidence levels so that you can offer a more focused, accessible and supportive service for people affected by cancer. Individuals who have participated in the Macmillan coaching programme have gone on to set up new clinics or get involved with teaching or training.


Who can get Macmillan coaching support?

The Macmillan coaching programme is open to all Macmillan professionals, as long as you have been in your role for a period of six months.

I offer coaching to Macmillan staff living in the following geographical areas:

Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Wirral, Crewe, North Wales, Shropshire and Staffordshire.


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Where can I get more information?

If you are a Macmillan Professional and want more information about the coaching programme then contact Mike Caldwell at Macmillan Cancer Support.

Mike Caldwell is the Learning and Development Project Officer in the Professional Engagement Team


Tel: 020 7840 3581 (direct dial)


Macmillan Coaching Programme Case Studies


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