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Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a powerful and effective development tool that is increasingly being used by businesses to develop emerging leaders in the workplace.

If you are a middle manager, senior manager or executive in the public, private or not for profit sector you will be expected to have answers, to provide guidance and at times, to be superhuman. A difficult feat for anyone! It isn’t always easy to talk with others in your organisation about the pressures you face at work; your hopes, dreams, doubts and fears with fear of judgements. At times, you may feel alone and unsupported.

Our coaching sessions together will provide a confidential space to help you gain clarity on your vision and determine appropriate goals. It is a space that encourages new ways of thinking and creates options and possibilities to address both strategic and operational challenges that you are facing.

Executive Coaching will help you improve both your personal and business performance, develop your leadership skills them and help you build resilience, feel more confident and in control.

For organisations dealing with rapid change, reduced budgets and increasing workloads then executive coaching can often lead to greater profitability and increased productivity so the return on investment in executive coaching can be huge. Whether you are a newly promoted manager and looking for support during your transition to a new role or feeling the pressures and demands of your challenging role then coaching is the next right step.


 Leaders I have coached have

  • identified self-sabotaging patterns and taken steps to change them
  • developed positive working relationships and improved their personal relationships
  • felt more confident handling a challenging peer or manager and dealing with conflict
  • gained clarity on their career path
  • been more effective in decision making and finding effective solutions
  • reduced their stress levels and achieved a better work-life balance
  • developed their emotional intelligence
  • increased job satisfaction


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