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Benefits of Outplacement Coaching

Benefits of outplacement coaching for the business 

• Living your company values

• Protecting your brand and reputation

• Maintaining the productivity and morale of your people

• Fulfilling corporate responsibility

• Reducing stress levels across the team

• Save money by avoiding costly dismissals


Benefits of outplacement coaching for the individual

• Builds confidence at a difficult time

• Enables you to “close the door” on your redundancy and open a new one!

• Provides space for you to express feelings and thoughts without feeling judged

• Greater clarity and focus on your next role and career move

• Enhanced skills and confidence in your strengths

• Assistance re-entering the job market

• Develop your contacts and network

• Learn techniques to help feel confident at interview


Training Programmes

Leadership Skills

Managing Stress

Team Building

Intro to Coaching

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