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Realise 2 Tool

Realise2 Assessment and Development Tool for a strength-based leadership approach

An organisation's greatest assets are its people and organisations that encourage their people to “play to their strengths” are finding that their people are more engaged, resilient, and confident.

They have higher levels of energy, vitality and are more effective at developing themselves. As the individuals perform better at work the findings show they are more likely to achieve their goals and the resulting effect is a more productive and profitable business.

Realise2 is a world-leading strengths assessment and development tool and the Realise2 Product Suite provides a range of strengths tools that will help you unlock the performance potential of individuals, teams and organisations through realising their strengths.

Realise2 assesses 60 strengths according to the three dimensions of performance – how well you do it energy how good you feel doing it and use how often you use it. This makes it truly unique and distinct from the typical one-dimensional strengths test.

These three dimensions are then used to identify where your strengths lie across the four categories of realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses.

  • Give you unique insights into your strengths and weaknesses
  • Help you distinguish your strengths from your learned behaviours
  • Provide you with a strengths language that enables you to share your strengths with others
  • Build your capability to use your strengths to achieve your goals


The Realise2 Standard Profile is used for:

  • Identifying and understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • Goal setting and goal attainment
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Personal development.


The Realise2 Premium Profile is used for:

  • Greater individual understanding of strengths, weaknesses and learned behaviours
  • Advanced matching of strengths to goals for goal attainment
  • Deeper coaching and development insights.


The Realise2 Profiles are bought by:

  • Managers for use with their employees
  • HR and OD practitioners for use in organisations
  • Coaches to support coaching sessions and goal attainment
  • Individuals for personal development.

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