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Working with a Professional Coach can help you make changes you never thought possible. If you are curious, courageous and committed to developing yourself professionally and personally, coaching could be the best investment you ever make.

Coaching Formulas

for Success

Executive Coaching

For leaders...

Executive Coaching is a powerful and effective development tool which unlocks the hidden potential in your people.

Leadership Development

For leaders and their teams...

Leadership Development workshops with a coaching approach for leaders, managers and their teams.

Team Coaching

For developing teams...

Team Coaching sessions provide teams with an opportunity for meaningful discussions.

Coaching Consultancy

For HR & L&D Managers...

Talent and Leadership Development Consultancy is for HR and L&D Managers who want to create a coaching culture in their organisation.

Coaching Skills Training

For managers...

Coaching Skills Training is a one-day workshop that equips managers, HR business partners and L&D business partners with coaching skills.

Coaching Supervision

For coaches...

Coaching Supervision provides professional support for internal and external coaches who want to enhance their skills.

Business Coaching

For entrepreneurs...

Business Coaching is for people looking to start a business, develop a business or feel more confident about the world of self-employment.

Career Coaching

For individuals...

Career Coaching can help if you are looking for purpose, motivation or fulfilment at work or in your career.

Life Coaching

For individuals...

Life Coaching is for people who are feeling “stuck” and are looking to make a change in some area of their life.

Not Sure Where To Start?

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Coaching Programmes

How it works...
  • 1. Make an enquiry

    Send an email with a few words about the support you are looking for and Denise will get in touch.

  • 2. Discovery coaching session

    Before getting started, you will work with Denise to design the working partnership, clarify roles and responsibilities and establish your objectives.

  • 3. Face-to-face or virtual coaching sessions

    The frequency of your coaching sessions is decided in the Coaching Discovery session. Programmes are usually 3 or 6 months long and are available face-to-face or virtually via telephone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

  • 4. Live your life to the full

    After completing your programme, you will come away with clarity and confidence and feeling more balanced and in control of your professional and personal life.

Words of Wisdom

Leadership & Coaching Blog


Thoroughly enjoyable. The mixture of learning made it easy to follow, didn’t intimidate, and the group work and pair work meant that I had an opportunity to interact with people who I would otherwise never get to speak with. This in itself instilled confidence.

Stepping Into Management participant

I found the course absolutely brilliant and I have recommended this to all my colleagues. Denise was fabulous and she has given me the confidence boost I need to step into a higher-level role. Overall, I loved the course.

Stepping Into Management participant

This is one of the best developmental courses I have been on.

Stepping Into Management participant

I found this to be absolutely brilliant – I came away enthusiastic about the possibility of taking the next step and applying for management roles. I gained many useful insights and practical tools over the 2 days that I know I will be using immediately in my current role and going forwards. Denise was excellent, I can’t rate her highly enough – full of enthusiasm, very engaging and a breadth and depth of knowledge that is to be admired. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending that other people go on the course if they have thoughts about becoming a manager.

Stepping Into Management participant

I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to step into management or even people that just want a better understanding of management. I feel that I gained a substantial amount from this course and it has given me plenty to reflect on.

Stepping Into Management participant

The passion and enthusiasm shown on this course was fantastic. This was the most engaging course that I have ever been on as the pacing was almost perfect, making people step out of the comfort zone and really think about how and why people act as they do and gave people the tools to deal with them.

Stepping Into Management participant


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