The Client

Name: Anon

Job Title: Teacher

Type of Coaching: Career Coaching

The Challenge:
  • The relentless pressure of the role was making this client feel like a failure
  • The client had no work-life balance and was a self-confessed workaholic
  • The client was considering a career change after 16 years’ in the profession
The Outcome
  • able to recognise what they were good at and what they could work on
  • improved confidence and increased self-belief
  • stopped procrastinating
  • stronger self-reflection skills
  • developed an understanding of their inner psychology
  • wrote a CV, a supporting statement and applied for a job before the coaching programme was over
The Feedback

“Denise asked questions and patiently waited for me to come up with some answers. I now realise they were all the right questions! Career Coaching helped me to review my skillset. After working in teaching for 16 years, I thought I was pigeon-holed and could never get a job doing anything else but coaching helped me to assess what I’m good at, what I need to work on and it made me feel more confident. Before the coaching, Denise had given me a questionnaire and part of it asked me to evaluate what I was good at. At the time I didn’t feel like I was good at anything, so I found it very challenging but before our final coaching session, I had written my CV, a supporting statement and already applied for a job.”

I feel so much better. I feel like I've got myself back. - Anonymous

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