Career Development Sessions

Career Development Sessions are bite-sized learning workshops which provide leaders and managers with the management skills needed to help them lead through times of change, uncertainty and/or growth. Before setting up her coaching business, Denise had a successful corporate career, managing people and teams in large organisations such as Royal Sun Alliance and Bank of America. Her experience means she understands the challenges that leaders and managers face every day and the skills they need in order to be effective.

Who are Career Development Sessions for?

Career Development Sessions are ideal for:


  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Teams
  • Groups of individuals across an organisation performing similar roles

What are Career Development Sessions for?

Career Development sessions aim to provide leaders and managers with techniques to help them:


  • better manage their time and work more productively
  • build resilience and develop a positive mindset
  • develop communication skills to enable difficult conversations
  • manage and appreciate differences in their working relationships

Why are Career Development Sessions needed?

Across every sector, there is an increasing pressure to perform in a climate of constant change and restricted resources yet still make a significant impact. Leading and managing people through times of change requires a set of skills that the individual may not have had the chance to develop yet.


Career Development Sessions are delivered with a coaching approach. Coaching is a proven and effective intervention that can support individuals to maximise their potential, increase efficiency, promote creativity and develop the necessary skills; influencing, negotiating, problem-solving, resilience, decision making.


Career Development Sessions can help leaders and managers to feel more confident in their abilities and support their career advancement.

How do Career Development Sessions work?

All sessions aim to equip participants with practical tools which they can implement immediately into their current role. The session style is informal, informative and inclusive. A mix of proven techniques and activities are included to suit all learning styles. Sessions can be delivered in person or virtually using Zoom.


Sessions can also be designed around any leadership topic.  Examples include:


Managing Time: Being Productive During Times of High Workload

  • Understanding your own relationship with time
  • Urgent/Important – What happens when it’s both?
  • Delegating effectively
  • Learning to say “no” or “yes” more slowly!


Managing the Pressure: Stress-less!

  • Understanding your relationship with pressure and stress
  • Recognising your early warning signs
  • Managing your mindset to feel more confident and in control
  • Building resilience and improving work-life balance


Building Better Working Relationships

  • Understanding and appreciating people’s differences
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Having a tricky conversation
  • Managing others


Other themes:

  • Setting a vision for your career
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Setting goals and making them happen
1 x 2-hour Career Development Session
Prices from £750 + VAT
for up to 12 people
3 x 2-hour Career Development Session
Prices from £2250 + VAT
for up to 12 people
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