As I look back over the last twelve years, I can think of people I have coached who have left jobs, found new jobs, started businesses, had promotions, survived redundancy, had complete career changes and generally felt more confident, content and happy both professionally and personally. 

The last two years have been challenging for career development (thank you Covid-19!) Whilst some people have benefited, many others have been left feeling stuck professionally.  

These are all things I’ve heard recently from people reaching out for career coaching: 

“I’m not quite in the place I hoped to be professionally.” 
“I was hoping for a promotion but it didn’t happen.”
“I’m disappointed with where I am on the career ladder.” 

I am running an informal, informative and interactive lunchtime workshop for Professional Liverpool members who want to make a rewarding change in their professional life in 2022. This might be going for a promotion, having a complete career change or something in between.  

The workshop is designed to help individuals reflect on what is important to them and will provide some tools and techniques to help you move forward and into action.  

Please join us on Thursday 20 January 2022 at 12 noon – 1pm at the Cotton Exchange, Bixteth Street, Liverpool. Places are limited.  Careering into 2022! | Professional Liverpool ( 

If you are not a Professional Liverpool member and you want to understand more about how career coaching can help then please get in touch.  

Don’t let another year slip by without taking action. Your success is my business and could just be one step away.