Coaching for teams

Team coaching provides teams with an opportunity to spend dedicated development time together

It’s a safe space to reflect on what is working well and find ways to improve what isn’t working work well. Team members can raise their levels of self awareness, have honest dialogue and learn more about themselves and each other.  It’s an opportunity to process strong emotions and call out and address challenging behaviours. The focus is on making change, moving forward and enabling teams to maximise their collective strengths so they can perform at their best.

Working with a team coach can help teams:

  • Build trust and a feeling of being valued
  • Improve relationships within the team
  • Facilitate conversations that would otherwise be avoided
  • Encourage equal contribution and participation
  • Enable everyone’s voice to be heard
  • Create a working environment that is psychologically safe
  • Take responsibility and be accountable for their actions

Team coaching has the greatest impact on:

  • Teams implementing a new strategy or initiative
  • Teams facing a new beginning e.g. during or following a restructure, a new team project, dealing with rapid change
  • Teams wanting to adopt more positive behaviours
  • Teams seeking to develop and improve working relationships
  • Teams working virtually or based in different locations
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Here’s how it works…

After an initial enquiry, Denise will speak in-depth with you – taking the time to thoroughly understand your desired objectives and establish commitment for team coaching. She will then design an offer and submit a proposal for your agreement. The first introductory session with the team establishes roles, designs the contract on how we will work together and agree what success looks like for the coaching assignment.

Each of the team coaching sessions is a mix of discussion and development activity with tools, techniques and models ending with reflection and agreed action. Strengths Profile or DISC profiling may be included so team strengths and behaviours can be identified and further explored. The work of the coaching happens after the sessions so team members make commitment to actions between sessions and check in on progress at the start of next session.

Denise’s role as a team coach is to:

  • Structure sessions and facilitate discussion
  • Offer perspective
  • Reflect back what she is seeing and hearing in the team and wider system
  • Help the team identify barriers and work through their challenges
  • Offer development tools to raise self awareness and promote learning
  • Challenge
  • Hold accountability for actions agreed

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