Coaching Skills Training for Managers

Coaching Skills Training is a one-day workshop that equips managers and team leaders with some basic coaching skills to enable them to have a different type of conversation with the people they manage and lead. Denise has more than 10 years’ experience as a Professional Certified Coach and Leadership Development Specialist. As both a coach and a Coach supervisor she works to the ICF Code of Ethics to ensure her training is of the highest standard.

Who is Coaching Skills Training for?

Coaching Skills Training is ideal for:


  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Individuals interested in self-development

Why is Coaching Skills Training needed?

A coaching approach to managing people shifts awareness from ‘the problem’ to the person, their experience and the possibilities open to them. It results in new ways of working, productive meetings and encourages honest and meaningful feedback.


By the end of the day managers will:


  • understand more about coaching and coaching principles and how it differs from mentoring
  • be introduced to a range of coaching skills
  • have had the opportunity to try out some practical coaching techniques
  • develop awareness about their own management behaviours and style
  • feel more confident when using both coaching and mentoring as an approach to develop their people.

What are the outcomes of Coaching Skills Training?

Managers will be equipped with coaching skills which will support them to:


    • Support people to identify their skills and capabilities
    • Unlock potential
    • Increase performance
    • Encourage people to find their own solutions to problems
    • Provide feedback
    • Manage tricky conversations
    • Motivate others


This leadership development workshop is informal, informative and inclusive.  A mix of proven techniques and activities are included to suit all learning styles. Sessions can also be designed to suit the needs of your organisation.

What does Coaching Skills Training include?

Below are the key components of the day:


What is Coaching? What is Mentoring? What is the difference?


Coaching Principles  – Introduction to “The Rules”


Coaching Skills

  • Powerful Questions
  • Positive Language
  • Listening


You and Your Management Style:
Using coaching techniques to raise self-awareness and explore your authentic management style


Coaching in Action

Using coaching to:

  • Give and receive feedback
  • Have a tricky conversation
  • Keep off the Drama Triangle
  • Motivate others to get things done
  • Solve problems creatively


A Coaching Approach to 1:1’s

  • Developing Strengths
Coaching Skills Workshop
Prices from £1500
for up to 12 participants
Denise Chilton Coaching Skills Training

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