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Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a powerful and effective development tool which empowers you to take control of your life whether that be your career, your relationships, your home life or simply in the relationship you have with yourself.

Life Coaching can help you make big life changes as well as give you the smaller nudges often needed when we get stuck with something and don’t know what to do.

Life Coaching bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  Working with me as your life coach, I can help you perform at your best and at a level that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do on your own.

Our sessions together will provide a safe, reflective space to help you understand who you are and what is important to you.  It is a space that allows for new ways of thinking and creates options and possibilities that will help you improve your situation.

As your life coach, my role is to ask the right questions and use the right techniques that will enable you to make the right decisions and take the action that is right for you.

Investing in a life coach is investing in yourself and you will feel the benefits of coaching across all areas of your life. A personal 1-1 life coaching programme focuses on you, what you want in your life and what will help you achieve it. The results can be very powerful and transformational.


Who is Life Coaching for?

Life Coaching Is for individuals who want to make a change in some area of their life; who want clarity on a situation; who want some expert help in identifying and overcoming what is holding them back; who want to simply feel alive and work out their "what next?"

If you are you looking to...

  • have a more fulfilling relationship
  • improve your work-life balance
  • stop procrastinating and make better use of your time
  • move forward to achieve your personal goals
  • feel more confident and less stressed
  • change direction in your career
  • stop feeling "stuck "and work out your next step
  • have more fun and feel fulfilled in your life

then life coaching is for you.


How often do we meet and for how long?

Life Coaching is delivered as a six-month programme, including:

1 x 90 minute discovery coaching session

This session is for designing the working partnership, clarifying roles and responsibilities, establishing objectives set by you and beginning the coaching progress.

5 x 90 minute face-to-face coaching sessions

I like to think of my coaching sessions as one part of an exciting journey in which you are fully supported. So if you would like to share anything with me in between our sessions or you need a sounding board you can contact me by email at any time during our six-month partnership.


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Get in touch!

So whether you are motivated to achieve specific goals such as start a business, get a new job, be more confident, develop leadership skills or you just want a better work-life balance then coaching is for you.

How fabulous does that sound? But don’t ask me, see what my clients think!

If you are interested to know more then send an email to

or call me on: 07960 478023



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