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Outplacement Coaching

What is outplacement coaching?

Sometimes businesses go through challenging periods which necessitates the restructuring or downsizing of their workforce. There is a growing trend amongst successful companies to hire the services of an outplacement coach, as part of a redundancy package to support their people. As an outplacement coach, I provide practical and emotional outplacement coaching support to executives and senior leaders, empowering them to manage their career transition and ensure that they make choices that are right for them. This enables the business to focus on their daily business activity without having to spend too much time supporting the leaver and provides a safe, non-judgemental space for the executive, senior leader to explore their future career options.


My 1:1 outplacement programme enables your executives and senior leaders to:

• Manage their own career transition
• Feel confident about their abilities, key skills and strengths
• Understand their values and what is important
• Market themselves
• Utilise and expand their network with the right connections
• Make informed choices about their “what's next?" 
• Settle into a new position


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Benefits of outplacement coaching


How often do we meet and for how long?

Outplacement Coaching is delivered as a six-month programme, including:

1 x 90-minute discovery coaching session
This session is for designing the working partnership, clarifying roles and responsibilities, establishing objectives set by you and beginning the coaching progress.

5 x 90-minute face-to-face coaching sessions
I like to think of my coaching sessions as one part of an exciting journey in which you are fully supported. So if you would like to share anything with me in between our sessions or you need a sounding board you can contact me by email at any time during our six-month partnership.


Get in touch!

If your organisation is looking to provide outplacement support to executives and senior leaders and you are looking for a coach, then please get in touch. If you are interested to know more then send an email to

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