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Denise created a really safe space and I felt really listened to. I came along each week with my own agenda and Denise always managed to link that into my bigger picture and end goals so I could see clearly what I needed to do next. If someone else was thinking about having coaching, I would say don’t hesitate, just do it. It may be the best investment in yourself you ever make. Read more ...

Karen Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director at ITS Sheffield



Business coaching with Denise gave me the self-planning tools to approach sometimes tricky situations. From the offset, it had me feeling more confident and in control. Coaching helped me understand more about other personality types and how best to manage them. Having Denise as a coach from outside the organisation gave a fresh perspective and a safe space to speak freely and confidentially. I have a better understanding of my role in the organisation and I realised I have untapped potential which I am continuing to unlock. Read more ...

Beverley, Senior Manager in a North West based Housing Trust



I see everything differently now, including myself. I have a new-found confidence both in myself and in my ability to find my own way. I think that when I came to Denise, I was ready to move forwards personally and professionally but didn’t really know how to. Denise helped me to see a way through the fog. After working with Denise, I very quickly got a new job and now I’m in another new job which is going really well. I am really enjoying it. In the interview for the position, I felt like I was somebody else. Denise challenged me to make the changes needed to become the person I wanted to be. Read more ...

Lis, Business Professional



My coaching experience has had a fantastic effect on my life. Denise has supported me through every critical stage in my professional transition. Her intervention has helped me to stay on track, even in those moments when self-doubt creeps in and confidence dips. Working with Denise has helped me to consolidate my new professional identity and accelerate my personal successes in my new role. Working with Denise is an absolute delight. She is gently challenging and yet incredibly effective. Her techniques have a long-lasting impact because they deal with fundamental issues opposed to superficial quick fixes! Read more ...

R.M, Company Director



Coaching has made a huge difference in my life! Even after just two business coaching sessions, I have come a long way. I know where the anxiety and negativity is coming from now and Denise is helping me to fight it and to stop it from winning. I have recently come to understand that I am actually afraid of success. This in itself has been a revelation and it is something that I can now tackle. It is an ongoing process but things are so much better now and I feel more in control of my life. Read more ...

G.R, Legal Recruitment Consultant



Working with Denise has helped me to see how much I have achieved in my role and how much Irish Community Care have grown in my time there. But I have also realised that there is still more work that I can do, so it reaffirmed my passion for my job and allowed me to refocus my energy. I also understand myself so much better now. Denise has helped me to reaffirm my self-confidence. I can recognise that I have strong leadership skills and a good vision where I couldn’t before. Read more ...

Breege McDaid, Company Director



Each time that I have sought life coaching and support from Denise, she has brought strength, clarity, and confidence out in me at times when I have needed it the most. There have been times, over the past 5 years, when I have experienced great difficulties in my home life and at work. I really believe that without Denise’s support, I would have struggled for longer and made poorer decisions. Instead, I am able to take the time I need to think and make calculated confident decisions. Read more ...

Nickala, Company Director



Denise has the ability to get you to see the things that are already there in your mind, but that you just don't realise that you already know. I have had a few sessions with Denise and have come out of the sessions feeling positive and certain of the direction I am now going in. She doesn't tell you the answers - she just asks the right questions and lets you realise the answers. She's fab and I can't recommend her enough.

Allie Langham, Owner of Chrysalis Photography



Denise is an outstanding coach. She is at the very top of her game and gets outstanding results. Equally at home coaching executives, life clients and in my case, another coach. Denise is highly inspirational, immensely personable and has the skills and attitude to make a substantial difference to her clients. She uses a variety of tools and techniques that allow you as a candidate to be challenged in a productive and helpful way. She helped me to take my business to the next level by removing a blockage that has existed for many years. Anybody wishing to develop themselves should really take the time to speak with Denise. Highly recommended.

Martin Craven, Managing Partner Crestcom International



Denise blends striking intuition with humour and practical action in her coaching. She is a pleasure to work with and invites you to look deeply without making a big deal out of it!

Lisa Westbury CPCC ORSCC



Denise is an amazing coach who has gained my total respect and trust. I tried for a long tome to find a coach that challenged me professionally and whom I trusted to challenge and coach me personally. Denise is intuitive and creative in her coaching and pushes me in a way that no other professional has done before. I admire and respect her ability to tune in to the issues in hand and to apply the right amount of questioning and support to enable me to find answers that address today's challenges. I highly recommend Denise.

Lesley Roberts, An authority in directing Leadership, Sales and Service in UK housebuilding



I have experienced Denise's coaching and training, at a one to one session, and also a formal training session at Mersey Maritime Ltd. As well as incisive coaching expertise, Denise provides very practical tools for personal development, which proved invaluable to me during a time of significant career transition. I have one of Denise's strategic planning techniques drawn on my office noticeboard, and use it regularly. Denise has a unique and highly effective approach. No jargon. No loud, over-demonstrative presentations. Just solid and insightful training and coaching.

Director, Rachel Mulhearn Associates Ltd



Denise and I had a very good rapport from the day of the first chemistry session.  Denise has used a number of methods and styles and this varied approach has worked very well for me.  She has been consistent and reliable in her approach and we have never missed a session.  I was close to ‘burn out’ at the time Denise and I started this year. Denise has helped me refocus on efforts to contain work (within regular hours) and prioritise work which has encouraged me to find new ways of working.  My service was moved from the pay of one NHS trust to another and that has been a difficult transition period – Denise has helped to provide support for this change. I would definitely recommend this support to other Macmillan colleagues. 10/10.

Macmillan Professional



The Macmillan coaching programme that I undertook with Denise was excellent. It has given me lots of practical tools to aid reflection and review my practice. But it has also challenged me to confront some of my long-held beliefs and behaviours and analyse why they came into play. One part of the programme which was especially powerful was developing the tools to let go of negative experiences and reduce their impact on the present, which has helped me develop a newfound focus and accountability. Not only this, I’ve had the opportunity to really understand what is going well in my healthcare profession and which areas need improvement.

The sessions with Denise were enjoyable but still stretched me. We got on very well. Denise has such a variety of techniques to share and she tailored them to suit me personally. She’s also willing to share personal experiences which makes coaching feel like a partnership. I have really valued and enjoyed the sessions and would recommend that other Macmillan staff consider applying. Participants need to be willing to give all to the programme to get maximum impact but the results are phenomenal.

Macmillan Professional



As a senior Macmillan Nurse in a management and clinical role, this coaching programme has been invaluable in keeping me focused with different and competing demands.  It’s an excellent programme, thanks to Denise Chilton and Macmillan.

Macmillan Professional



Coaching has helped me with the following: a new approach to managing team meetings; a new approach to appraisals; managing and implementing the HNA programme; and feeling more confident in my management and decisions.  My interest in coaching has been sparked and I am finding my conversations with my patients much more effective and meaningful because of some of the skills I have learnt from Denise.  My team meetings, appraisals and the support I am able to offer my team has also been positively impacted by my coaching so it has been an interesting and insightful few months. 

Macmillan Professional



I would not hesitate to recommend Denise to anyone, her support is truly invaluable. Read more ...

Tracey Rose, OD Manager



Denise is a fantastic coach; she helped me cope during a really difficult and upsetting time.  She taught me problem-solving which I can apply to any situation.  I am extremely grateful for the coaching and am now a more resilient and better nurse.

Macmillan Professional



I found my coaching sessions with Denise very helpful in identifying my ‘blind spots’.  It was extremely helpful to role play particular future situations to find the responses and behaviour I needed. This considerably lowered my stress/anxiety levels and boosted my confidence and was achieved through having a coach whom I could trust and who created a safe place to ‘practice’ and explore.  It was very helpful to be able to fix the frequency of my sessions to match my own needs.  I found the coaching hugely beneficial to me and my work

Macmillan Professional



Introducing Denise ...

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