The Client

Name: E.A.C.

Type of Coaching: Career Coaching – Six month programme


The Challenge:

This client was in a senior role within a large public body and felt she was at a crossroads in her career. There seemed to be plenty of opportunities available to her, yet she was feeling overwhelmed about which direction to take. In recent years there had been some situations in which her confidence had been severely impacted and she was starting to realise that the culture in her organisation was resulting at times, in a compromise of her values. She felt as though her colleagues were clear on their roles and their contributions – yet for her, this was missing. She came to coaching wanting to regain her confidence and get some clarity about where to head next in her career.


The Techniques:
  • Creating a safe and non-judgmental space to enable her to speak about what she was really feeling about her current situation and the real challenges she faced.
  • Mining for values to help her identify what was important to her and then create a vision for what she wanted for herself in her professional life.
  • Challenging limiting beliefs and creating new ways of thinking
  • Identifying strengths and areas for potential growth
  • Agreeing steps to take after each session and holding accountability to ensure she kept moving forward.


The Outcome


Career coaching helped this client to:


  • Identify and have a deeper awareness about her potential and areas of strengths
    Through the coaching, she identified old patterns and habits of behaviour and thinking, which had previously been helpful but were now holding her back. She now has greater self-awareness and understands herself and her motivations better.
  • Communicate differently with employers
    She was able to articulate to her employers what she needed to be different and what she was capable of so they could stretch her more and get the best out of her. By reframing conversations and using language around strengths, she noticed senior personnel were responding to her in a different and more positive way. She has since said those conversations have led to some new and exciting opportunities within her current role.
  • Feel calmer and more confident
    Feeling recognised and knowing that her contribution does matter has helped her feel more confident. She has been calmer and happier in all aspects of her life – despite a global pandemic and some unexpected life-changing challenges.


The Feedback

“When I came to coaching, I had been banging my head against the wall, doing the same thing again and again and again. Denise took a holistic approach looking at me as a unique and whole person, working with what came up in each sessions and not just using “bullet points on a page” approach. Relationships and connection are really important to me and we shared those values which enriched the coaching relationship.


“Denise was a cheerleader. She was that critical honest friend – in such a positive way. The coaching was truly routed in her supporting me to be the best that I could possibly be. That’s been so fantastic for me, on so many levels and really helped my confidence.


“I would describe the coaching as illuminating. It really shone a light and helped me to really look at myself in a constructive and kind way.


“Other people have commented on the changes they have seen in me and I have noticed senior colleagues beginning to confide in me in ways they wouldn’t have done previously. As a result of the coaching my role has developed in a really exciting and unexpected way.”

As a result of the coaching my role has developed in a really exciting and unexpected way

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