Start date: September 19, 2019

End date: September 20, 2019

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Location: Avenue HQ, Liverpool


Stepping Into Management is a highly interactive two-day programme covering all the essentials around being a manager, focusing on real-life insights and examples from leadership development expert, Denise Chilton. The programme is delivered in a highly engaging way and is informative and fun – with absolutely no roleplay or death by PowerPoint!


Participants are introduced to a range of proven tools and techniques to support them in their roles. Denise has more than 15 years’ experience managing people and another 10 years of experience coaching managers and leaders. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and will share her own mistakes around managing others – so new managers don’t make the same ones!

Who is this course for?

The course is ideal for people who are:


  • New managers
  • Aspiring managers
  • Looking to enhance existing management skills
  • Business owners with a growing team


And/or people who are:


  • Lacking confidence in their management skills
  • Struck with Imposter Syndrome and feeling “not good enough” at management
  • Feeling that they’re not doing management “right”
  • Have never had “proper” management training

What does this course cover?

Day 1 – We look at what exactly does a management role entail and what are the main responsibilities. We take a behind the scenes look at teams – what exactly is a team and some techniques to help you manage the different individuals that you will come across. We will also look at how to motivate people and how to manage conflict.


Day 2 – You will take a closer look at yourself and discover your own management style. You will learn how to manage your time more effectively and to let go and delegate work to others. We will also consider how you can be assertive and reasonably speak your mind without it becoming a career limiting conversation.

Topics covered include:


  • The Essentials – Introducing the role of a manager and the responsibilities and expectations of a manager. Plus, the things no one ever speaks about!
  • Motivating Self and Others – Exploring the internal factors for motivation and the role of personal values when motivating self and motivating others
  • Managing and Appreciating Differences – Cultivating good working relationships; understanding and appreciating different personality types to get people to perform at their best
  • Managing Yourself and Your Relationship With Time – what to do when everything is urgent!
  • Self Care – keeping well as a manager – asking for help, setting boundaries, identifying early warning signs of overwhelm.
  • Delegation – Why it is important to delegate; what to delegate and when not to delegate; how to delegate effectively and to whom?
  • And more…

What do previous participants have to say?

“The passion and enthusiasm shown on this course was fantastic. This was the most engaging course that I have ever been on as the pacing was almost perfect, making people step out of the comfort zone and really think about how and why people act as they do and gave people the tools
to deal with them. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that
wants to step into management or even people that just want a better understanding of management. I feel that I gained a substantial amount from this course and it has given me plenty to reflect on.”


“I found this to be absolutely brilliant – I came away enthusiastic about the possibility of taking the next step and applying for management roles. I gained many useful insights and practical tools over the 2 days that I know I will be using immediately in my current role and going forwards. Denise was excellent, I can’t rate her highly enough – full of enthusiasm, very engaging and a breadth and depth of knowledge that is to be admired. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending that other people go on the course if they have thoughts about becoming a manager.”

Where is the course?

This two-day course takes place in Avenue HQ on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront.

The full programme costs £525. Lunch and refreshments are all included in the price – a fraction of the cost of London courses which start at £1000+.

How do I book?

Send this eventbrite link to your employer and let them know that you would like to reserve a place on the programme. For further information, please contact Denise via her contact page.