A facilitator can play a crucial role in helping groups and teams work effectively together and achieve their objectives.

Facilitation is particularly effective if you are looking to:

  • Create clarity and alignment on your vision  
  • Build trust 
  • Balance group dynamics so everyone has their voice heard and make decisions collaboratively 
  • Get under the surface to identify the real barriers and challenges to progress 
  • Generate creative and innovative ideas 
  • Stop going around in circles and move to action 
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Denise is an experienced facilitator:

She has been facilitating for over 20 years working with teams and groups both in person and virtually. Her coaching approach to facilitation encourages new ways of thinking and creativity, and invites individuals to view situations from different perspectives.

She is skilled at creating a safe environment that encourages contribution, focuses on the intended outcomes and can expertly read and manage group dynamics.

About Denise’s facilitation style:

  • She gently challenges thinking, beliefs and assumptions, opening eyes and revealing blind spots
  • She helps generate quality conversations that keep the conversation going rather than closing it down
  • She uses different techniques to appeal to people’s different preferences allowing for inclusivity and for all to be involved
  • She creates a space for people to say the things they’ve not been able to say (those elephants in the room)

Most importantly, she encourages action.

What people say about Denise’s facilitation:

  • It’s engaging and fun
  • Feel at ease really quickly 
  • Non-judgemental – permission to be ourselves 
  • Brings a lightness and appropriate humour to group conversations that everyone was dreading

What happens next?

After an initial enquiry, Denise will speak in-depth with you – taking the time to thoroughly understand your desired goals and objectives for the meeting or away day and gain insight about the people who will be attending. She will ask you to determine what success looks like for the session and the difference you are wanting to make.

She will then submit her proposal with a framework and costs giving you the opportunity to contribute to the structure and content.

Before the session, Denise will send out a welcome email inviting those attending to reflect on some questions. From experience this helps gain buy in, and allows people to get clear about what they want from the session.

After the session, Denise will meet with you to evaluate the session and discuss any feedback.

Per day
From £1000 + VAT

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If you want to create shared alignment behind a vision and remove barriers to progress, get in touch with Denise with a few words about what you are looking for.

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