The Client

Name: Fraser McKay
Type of coaching: One-to-one career coaching, delivered virtually
Length of programme: The initial coaching contract was for six months but after securing a new job role and achieving what he set out to do, Fraser completed his coaching journey within three months.

The Challenge

Having worked in banking since leaving school aged 18, Fraser, now in his 50s, felt like he had been going around in circles throughout most of his career. Despite knowing he wanted to try something different, he would always end up back in the same place. He was frustrated, unhappy and by his own admission felt “brainwashed” into thinking he had no transferable skills.


The Coaching

The safe and confidential space provided in the coaching helped Fraser share his feelings and frustrations and identify the barriers that were getting in the way of him taking his next career move.


Identifying and then articulating his personal values helped Fraser to reflect on what was most important to him at this stage of his career and what he wanted out of a new job.


A strengths profile identified his unrealised strengths and untapped potential.


Powerful questions helped Fraser to get clarity on the wealth of his experience and the value he could bring to an organisation.


Career reflection helped Fraser identify ways to utilise his network and secure the type of role that played more to his strengths and values.


Visualisation techniques helped him to prepare and be the best version of himself at an interview.


The Outcome

Fraser learned to challenge his own thinking and the assumptions he was making about himself and his skills. He feels better able to manage his imposter syndrome, has more self-confidence and now appreciates the value he can bring. This meant that when the company he was working for during the coaching sadly folded, he was able to frame it as an opportunity and respond to the situation with a creative plan of action.


By harnessing the power of his network he very quickly found himself having interviews. The increased confidence Fraser felt helped him to manage his interview nerves. He felt confident articulating his strengths and skills and what he had to offer a company, resulting in multiple job offers.


Before the end of the coaching, Fraser secured a new role in the charity sector that allowed him to utilise his years of banking expertise and align with his personal values. His new role gives him the opportunity for self-development and to support good causes, both values that he realised are hugely important to him.


The Feedback

Denise is a very easy and lovely person to talk to and she’s very, very good at what she does. The way she offers questions and different perspectives to make you think about things is phenomenal. It was very good to speak to someone who could offer constructive feedback and challenge my assumptions without judgement


I had a better understanding of my values and what was important to me now at this stage of my career. I was able to articulate what I wanted a role to include and more importantly what I didn’t want it to include.


After the coaching, I felt completely different. Figuring out what I wanted gave me focus. It made me more confident in myself and the skills I have to offer. I found the coaching fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is in a situation where they feel stuck in their career and don’t know what to do.

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