The Client

Name: Gill Derbyshire

Type of Coaching: Career Coaching

The Challenge:

Gill was at a crossroads in her career and was looking for some Career Coaching to help her to identify her next move. She was trying to figure out whether she wanted to stay where she was, seek a new opportunity or work for herself. However, she had a number of self-limiting beliefs that were holding her back.

The Techniques:
  • Denise helped Gill to recognise when her negative internal chatter was holding her back and shared some coaching techniques to help her take control of it.
  • A strengths profile enabled Gill to clarify what she excelled at and the type of work that she was likely to find fulfilling if it also aligned with her values.
  • A sprinkle of business mentoring helped Gill understand what practical actions she needed to take next in order to start up her own business.
The Outcome
  • Handed in her notice and is looking at starting her own consultancy
  • Able to look at her life and career from different perspectives
  • Feeling very motivated and focused on her goals
  • Equipped with techniques to get back on track when self-doubt creeps in
  • Learned to manage her Inner Chimp and stop it from holding her back
  • Developed a strong awareness of her skills and strengths
  • Feels credible and understands her own self worth
  • Increased confidence in her personal and professional life
The Feedback

“One of the key things I was looking for was a connection; a relationship where I could be transparent and honest. Denise’s overall style could not have been more perfect. She knew what she had to do to get the best out of me. I really really enjoyed coaching. It was life-changing”

She knew what she had to do to get the best out of me. The coaching was life-changing - Gill Derbyshire

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