My first management role was back in the 90s.


I was in my mid-20s, working for a large Financial Services company in Liverpool and had recently taken over a really challenging team from another manager who had been “let go”.


It was one of those great career development opportunities – although I did wonder if perhaps, they had just not been able to find anyone else!


I remember going home one Friday evening after surviving my first week as a new manager thinking about how I had no idea what I was doing – and that I needed to read a “How To Be A Manager” book.


So, as the weeks went by, I got through several “How To Be A Manager” books but they didn’t really answer any of the questions I had around managing people.


Questions like:

  • how do you have a tricky conversation?
  • what should I delegate when it’s quicker to do it myself?
  • how do I motivate the different personalities?
  • how do I manage someone in the team who applied for the job but didn’t get it?


I often look back and think how great it would have been to go on a course lead by someone who had been in this position.


This was the inspiration for my upcoming Stepping Into Management course.


Taking place in Avenue HQ Liverpool in September 2019, Stepping Into Management is a practical two-day course covering all the essentials around being a manager.


I’ll share a range of proven tools and techniques to support new and aspiring managers in their roles – and share the ‘dos’ and ‘absolutely do nots’ of management which I learned the hard way.


Stepping Into Management is ideal for people who are lacking confidence in their management skills, have never had “proper” management training or for people who aren’t sure they’re doing management “right”.


There will be no death by Powerpoint. It’s designed to be informal, informative and fun – with groups kept small to encourage open conversation.


You can register online here.