The Manager's Pit Stop: How to feel a little more motivated

Tuesday 3 November
11am - 12pm BST

This year more than ever anyone who is responsible for managing others is facing new challenges when it comes to managing themselves and their teams.

What I’m hearing from managers I am coaching is that they...

  • feel overwhelmed, isolated and disconnected from the rest of their organisation
  • have lost motivation, confidence and belief in their abilities
  • are struggling stay focused and balance their work and life boundaries

Their isn't much left in the tank!

If any of this resonates with you, sign up for this interactive webinar where I’ll share 10 practical takeaways that you can start to use immediately to help you better manage yourself and the performance of your team.

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Denise Chilton Executive Coach & Leadership Development Specialist

Meet the speaker

Denise Chilton

Denise Chilton is a Professional Certified Coach and Leadership Development Specialist with over 10 years’ coaching experience.

Before setting up her coaching business, Denise had a successful 20-year management career working for large corporate organisations such as Royal Sun Alliance and Bank of America.

She then trained with the Coaches Training Institute in 2010 and went on to qualify as a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) the following year. She also holds Professional Certified Coach (PCC) status with the International Coach Federation.

Over the last decade, Denise has worked with hundreds of managers across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors: empowering them to live life to the full both personally and professionally.

About The Manager's Pit Stop

In motorsports, a pit stop is the place where a driver can pause, refuel and get some new tyres while the pit crew make some mechanical adjustments to ensure that the driver has every chance of performing at their best to win the race. A lot depends on the pit stop and it can make all the difference between the driver winning or losing the race.

The Manager’s Pit Stop works on the same philosophy. It’s a place to pick up some new tools and techniques to help you manage yourself and your teams and make whatever adjustments you feel appropriate.