Leadership & Management Everyday Essentials

The Everyday Essentials are bite-size practical learning sessions for leaders, managers and future talent.

They aim to build self-awareness, knowledge and skills in those people so they feel more confident about managing the performance of others and better able to foster great working relationships.

The Everyday Essentials are perfect for:

  • First time managers
  • Early career managers
  • Future talent
  • Early career specialists
  • People returning to work after a break
  • People in need of a refresher
The sessions, delivered virtually, cover all of those things that no one ever prepares you for when you step up to lead and have been crafted around those issues most commonly brought to coaching or questions asked at training sessions.

They equip participants with practical tools that can be implemented immediately in their current role. The session style is informal, informative and inclusive. A mix of proven techniques and activities are included to suit all learning styles.


Sessions are delivered with a coaching approach. Coaching is a proven and effective intervention that can support leaders, managers and teams to maximise their potential, increase efficiency, promote creativity and develop the necessary skills; influencing, negotiating, problem-solving, resilience, and decision making.

You can “pick and mix” your sessions, choosing the ones most appropriate to the development needs of your leaders and managers for groups between 8 and 25 people. Examples include:


  • How to… have tricky conversations for the mildly terrified 
  • How to… manage difficult or different people
  • How to… manage your time when everything is urgent
  • How to… feel more confident 
  • How to… have great working relationships even with those people you don’t particularly like 
  • How to… present in a digital space (presentation skills)
  • How to… delegate and get the work done (so you don’t end up doing it yourself!) 
  • How to… manage imposter syndrome 
  • How to… give meaningful feedback 
  • How to… build resilience skills and bounce back after a disappointment 
  • How to… master the art of listening to build trust

One session
From £850+ VAT
For up to 12 people

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