There are times in our lives that lend themselves really well to making a change.

The beginning of a new week, new month or new year turn conversations to fresh starts and new habits – starting that diet, joining a gym, drinking more water… the list is endless.

The truth is, we can choose to start over at any moment. We don’t need to wait until January, the first of a month or next Monday.

We can clean the slate and approach anything from a different perspective if we choose to.

A recent client was feeling despondent about where she was in her career and her achievements so far.

Before her coaching programme was over, she had started taking a new qualification and began setting up her own business. 

The coaching had enabled her to look at situations from different perspectives and as a result, became more confident in herself and let go of the negative chatter that was holding her back.

Of course, it’s not as simple as clicking your fingers and the change just happens.

It takes time to become accustomed to anything new.

We need to focus our attention on what we want to create.

We do not need to be hard on ourselves if we don’t meet our goals the first time we try.

Instead, we take the learning and keep going.

So, if there is something you have been thinking of changing in 2020, why wait? Start anew today.