One of the things that often comes up for a client in a coaching session is some outdated limited belief that they have been carrying around with them since their school days. One of my own was “I can’t draw”.  I was never actually told that by the art teacher but coming last in an art exam caused enough shame to leave a deep scar on my impressionable 11-year-old self.

So when a very good friend of mine called me recently insisting I just had to go on this amazing 2-day art course I did momentarily wonder if she had gone mad.  She was so absolutely sure I would enjoy it as much as she did that she even offered to pay. I trust her judgement 100% so I booked on (and paid myself). It was time to re-visit that belief. What was the worse thing that could happen?

A small intimate art studio in the warm Shropshire countryside was the venue for this 2-day Emerging Woman experience. By the end of the first morning, I had been shown how to draw a face – it was really quite simple. How could I have thought for 40 years that it was so hard? A mix of meditation, conversations, the sharing of simple techniques and plenty of time to simply access how I was feeling and express that through painting. I was amazed at what I had created from a blank canvas. Maybe I really could do art. Take a look at the pictures and see what you think.

Lisa Lochhead is a gifted artist with a passion for helping women connect with who they really are through art.  I am delighted to be in talks with her about how we can work together to create the same experience for a handful of my clients. So, if you would be interested in taking part in your own emerging woman experience then do drop me an email. We are looking at putting something on later in the year.

Unhelpful beliefs get locked away and have us playing small often without us realising it.  I often wonder what my old high school  English teacher would have said when she saw my Suddenly Single book out last year. Her extra English lessons, as much as I hated them, really did pay off and helped the “I am not good at English” gremlin do a disappearing act.

I wonder what unhelpful beliefs you carry around from your childhood days? Do they hold you back and what could you be missing out on?  If you need a bit of coaching to help you move forward please get in touch.

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