Coaching Supervision provides professional support for those who have coaching responsibilities.

It is an opportunity for both internal and external coaches to enhance their skills, reflect on their practice and ensure consistency and quality.


Coaching Supervision can help those responsible for coaching others to:

  • Develop coaching skills
  • Opportunity for coaches to reflect on themselves and their coaching practice
  • Confidentially review and uncover ethical issues
  • Manage boundaries
  • Develop skills, knowledge, resilience and confidence
  • Explore unconscious behaviours or biases
  • Maintain and raise standards of coaching across the organisation
  • Avoid getting caught up in unconscious “stuff” that impedes the coaching
  • Building resilience, manage boundaries and reduce burnout

All coaches have blind spots and can get caught up in unconscious dynamics with clients. As a qualified Coach Supervisor, Denise gives coaches a safe and confidential space for coaches to engage in reflective conversation, helping them to build awareness of their own reactions and responses. 


Building regular supervision into a coaching practice means coaches can work more effectively and safely with their clients. And as coaching can be a challenging activity, coaching supervision also offers a structured opportunity to help coaches reflect on their practice and develop their skills.


Coaching Supervision is also required as part of the Code of Ethics/Practice for members of AC, ICF or EMCC. It is a hugely valuable tool, supporting coaches at all stages of their development to expand their range, deepen their practice and develop their own ‘internal supervisor’.

Coaching Supervision is ideal for those with responsibility for coaching others:

  • L&D Managers/Business Partners
  • HR Managers/Business Partners
  • Managers
  • Internal/Peer coaches
  • Recently qualified coaches new to practice
  • Qualified coaches running their own coaching practice

Denise can provide both group supervision and individual supervision.Each Coaching Supervision agreement is unique. Individual Coaching Supervision pays particular attention to developing confidence and fine-tuning skills. Group Coaching supervision helps identify trends and issues within the organisation and enables internal coaches to support each other. The frequency of Coaching Supervision sessions is dependent on the number of clients an internal or external coach has but typically sessions occur every 8 to 12 weeks.


Why work with Denise?


Denise has over 10 years of experience as a Professional Certified Coach and is a qualified Coach Supervisor with an ILM 7 Certificate and Diploma in Coaching Supervision. As both a Professional Coach and Coach Supervisor she works to the ICF Code of Ethics.


Individual Coaching Supervision
3 x 60 minute sessions
£450 + VAT
Individual Coaching Supervision
6 x 60 minute sessions
£900 + VAT
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So if you are responsible for coaching others in an organisation or a coach looking to reflect on your own coaching practice and ensure you are working effectively and safely with your clients then get in touch with Denise to learn more.

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