Executive Coaching is a powerful and effective development tool which unlocks the hidden potential in your people. Denise has more than 10 years’ experience as a Professional Certified Coach and 20 years’ experience managing people and teams in large organisations such as Royal Sun Alliance and Bank of America. Her experience means she understands the challenges that leaders and managers face every day – and it makes her coaching real and effective.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Executive Coaching is ideal for:


  • Mid and Senior Managers
  • Executive Directors
  • Healthcare Professionals (see more…)
  • Women in STEM
  • Academics
  • Public Servants
  • Any business professional in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors


Executive Coaching can take place face-to-face in a mutually agreed location, on-site or off-site, by telephone or by Facetime, Skype or Zoom.

What is Executive Coaching for?

Executive Coaching can help to:


  • Support managers transition into a new role
  • Develop managers stepping up into leadership roles
  • Build confidence in first time managers
  • Support senior leaders through times of rapid change
  • Incentivise and retain key talent
  • Improve working relationships, team performance and productivity
  • Prevent burnout, manage pressure and build resilience
  • Create innovative solutions to business challenges
  • Support leaders returning to work after a period of absence
  • Provide outplacement support

When does Executive Coaching happen?

Executive Coaching is available as a three or six-month package.


Every programme is designed to meet the needs of the individual and the business. After an initial enquiry, Denise will speak with an individual’s line manager or HR partner: taking the time to thoroughly understand the assignment. Contact is then made with the individual to arrange the first Executive Coaching session.


The first session is a Coaching Discovery session. It is used for designing the working partnership, clarifying roles and responsibilities, establishing objectives and initiating the coaching process.


There is an option then if required for Denise to then meet with the individual and their line manager to discuss and agree on objectives set by the business. If the individual has some additional areas of focus these will remain confidential.


Thereafter, each 90-minute Executive Coaching session takes place once a month. The final session is for reflecting on learning and progress and celebrating successes.


On completion of the Executive Coaching sessions where there has been a contracting meeting, Denise will meet with the individual and their manager or HR partner to review progress, the impact of the coaching and discuss what further support may be needed going forward.

Why is Executive Coaching needed?

Behind every great athlete, there is a great coach.


The athlete is the expert and has the skill and knowledge to achieve their goals but the extra guidance from a coach supports them to perform at their best – whatever their challenges. Denise plays the same role with leadership talent.


Executive Coaching provides individuals with:


  • A confidential sounding board to determine appropriate goals, strategies and action plans
  • Clarity on personal values and professional values
  • Strategies to make confident decisions
  • Creative and innovative solutions to business challenges
  • Help to identify self-sabotaging thought patterns
  • Development of emotional intelligence
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Techniques to manage pressure, prevent burnout and building resilience
  • Increased confidence in their own leadership abilities

How does Executive Coaching work?

Executive Coaching is a thought-provoking, confidential and non-judgemental process that leads to action.


It is a partnership which inspires the individual to maximise their professional and personal potential.


Executive Coaching is almost an entirely forward-looking process which helps the individual get from where they are now to where they want to be – and faster than they would do so working on their own.


The role of Denise is to hold a safe and confidential space in which the individual is empowered to be creative and resourceful in finding their own solutions to challenges, taking personal responsibility for actions they take. The agenda for Executive Coaching always comes from the individual and they are always in control and at choice.


Ultimately, Executive Coaching encourages new ways of thinking and invites the individual to view their situation from a different perspective. For organisations dealing with rapid change, reduced budgets and increased workloads, this often leads to greater profitability and increased productivity resulting in a favourable return on investment.

Case Studies

Emma Johnson stepped up into a Chief Executive role and wanted to feel more confident in her ability to create change and generate engagement.

Sinead had recently stepped up into a Clinical Director role and wanted some Executive Coaching support to work at a strategic level.

Tracey was being made redundant and came to Denise for Executive Coaching as part of her organisation’s outplacement programme. She wanted support developing her self-confidence and changing her career.

Three Month
From £1800 + VAT

1 x 90 minute Discovery Coaching session

2 x 90 minute Executive Coaching sessions

2 x 60 minute contract/review meetings

Unlimited email support between sessions

Six Month
From £3000 + VAT

1 x 90 minute Discovery Coaching session

5 x 90 minute Executive Coaching sessions

2 x 60 minute contract/review meetings

Unlimited email support between sessions

Executive Coaching Get In Touch

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Denise is an amazing coach who has gained my total respect and trust. I tried for a long time to find a coach that challenged me professionally and whom I trusted to challenge and coach me personally. Denise is intuitive and creative in her coaching and pushes me in a way that no other professional has done before. I admire and respect her ability to tune in to the issues in hand and to apply the right amount of questioning and support to enable me to find answers that address today’s challenges. I highly recommend Denise.

Lesley Roberts, Director of LR Consultancy Ltd

I have experienced Denise’s coaching and training, at a one to one session, and also a formal training session at Mersey Maritime Ltd. As well as incisive coaching expertise, Denise provides very practical tools for personal development, which proved invaluable to me during a time of significant career transition. I have one of Denise’s strategic planning techniques drawn on my office noticeboard, and use it regularly. Denise has a unique and highly effective approach. No jargon. No loud, over-demonstrative presentations. Just solid and insightful training and coaching.

Rachel Mulhearn, Director of Rachel Mulhearn Associates Ltd

Coaching supported me through a career change. I now work for a much bigger company in a completely different sector and I am receiving some great feedback. The scope of the role is bigger, the salary is bigger, the package is better and my whole standard of living has improved. 

Tracey, Head of Organisational Development

The biggest benefit of coaching to me professionally was the ability to prioritise the strategic and operational goals needed to take our charity forwards and to bring coaching in to help others. We have now started to roll out coaching to everyone within the organisation. 

Alasdair Jackson, Director at Recycling Lives

Denise helped me to take my business to the next level. Anybody wishing to develop themselves should really take the time to speak with Denise. She is highly inspirational, immensely personable and has the skills and attitude to make a substantial difference to her clients.

Martin Craven, Managing Partner Crestcom International

Working with Denise has helped me to see how much I have achieved in my role and how much Irish Community Care have grown in my time there. But I have also realised that there is still more work that I can do, so it reaffirmed my passion for my job and allowed me to refocus my energy. I also understand myself so much better now. Denise has helped me to reaffirm my self-confidence. I can recognise that I have strong leadership skills and a good vision where I couldn’t before. 

Breege McDaid, Director of Irish Community Care