Leadership and Talent Development is a key ingredient to a successful business. People who have had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills are better able to communicate, build great working relationships, prioritise their workload, make tough decisions and stay resilient through times of rapid change.

For HR Professionals talent management is a key priority. Developing the leadership skills of your talent builds a high-performance workplace, increases productivity, adds value to your reputation and increases retention.

Stepping Into Management

Two-Day Workshop


This two-day workshop provides new and aspiring managers with an understanding of what managing people is all about. It provides some practical tools that can be implemented straight away, making sure that they are supported and have the best chance of success.

Career Development Sessions

Two-Hour Learning Workshops


Leading and managing people through times of change requires a set of skills that individuals have not always had the chance to develop. These bite-sized learning sessions aim to provide leaders and managers with techniques to help them:


  • better manage their time and work more productively
  • build resilience and develop a positive mindset
  • develop communication skills to enable difficult conversation
  • manage and appreciate differences in their working relationships

Executive Coaching for Future Talent

Three and Six Month Programmes


Executive Coaching can help develop, support and build confidence in potential talent in your organisation – and improve engagement and retention levels.