Stepping into management

Stepping into Management is a two-day workshop that provides new and aspiring managers with an understanding of what managing people is all about and the practical tools they need to feel more confident doing it.

The workshop focuses on three particular areas. The first is understanding the roles and responsibilities of a manager. The second is the skills required by a manager (what you need to do). The third is the behaviour required of a manager (who you need to be).

Participants will be introduced to a range of tools and techniques which can be applied post-session in their roles. A coaching approach to leadership development empowers participants to take responsibility for their own learning and builds their confidence in their abilities.

Stepping into management is ideal for:

  • New managers
  • Aspiring managers
  • Future talent
  • Early career managers
  • Managers with no formal training

Day one

  • The Role of a Manager
    Introducing the role of a manager, responsibilities and expectations of the organisation of a manager.
  • Management Styles
    Introduction to a selection of popular management styles
  • A Word about Teams
    Understanding the dynamics of a team and the key elements that make a team successful.
  • Motivating Self and Others
    Exploring the internal factors for motivation and the role of personal values when motivating self and motivating others
  • Time Management
    Identifying own relationship with time, deadlines and getting things done
    Coaching techniques to help manage time
  • The Art of Delegation
    Why it is important to delegate; what to delegate and when not to delegate; how to delegate effectively and to whom?

Day two

  • Managing and Appreciating Differences
    Cultivating good working relationships; understanding and appreciating different personality types to get people to perform at their best
  • Communication Skills
    Understanding the basics of communication, developing listening skills and effectively communicating messages to team members; giving and receiving feedback.
  • Coaching Conversations
    Using coaching questions to empower the people you manage and improve your own performance
  • Assertiveness
    Understanding assertiveness and identifying barriers to speaking up and techniques to overcome those barriers.
    Introducing a framework to enable participants to have a courageous conversation.
  • Managing Self
    Self-care – keeping well as a manager – asking for help, setting boundaries, identifying early warning signs of overwhelm.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two day course led by the lovely Denise whose passion shone through. It has certainly left room for thought with a lot of valuable takeaways. Thanks again to Denise and all the other attendees!

Emma Green

Feeling refreshed and empowered after completing a two-day stepping into management course.  Stepping out of my comfort zone and agreeing to be coached in front of a room full of people was a rewarding experience. (Something I wouldn’t have done a year or two ago) Growth mindset in action! Definitely came away having learnt a lot and with even more to think about. Thank you Denise – a great facilitator!

Jade Magner

Feeling so much better for having done this course! I learned so much about myself and what leadership and management are and how a lot of it comes down to human psychology.  Denise Chilton has definitely relit the learning and growing fire inside of me!

Jamie Bennett

Definitely one of the best training courses I’ve been on! The program was well-structured, with a balanced mix of theoretical concepts and practical exercises. Overall the session has significantly boosted my confidence and broadened my knowledge on a variety of different things relating to management styles and people.

Declan Melvin

This course is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my personal career development, and I’d like to thank Denise Chilton for all her kind words and fantastic advice throughout the two days of this course

Siobhan Regan
About Denise
Denise is an award winning manager with over 20 years’ experience managing people and teams in large corporate organisations such as Royal Sun Alliance and Bank of America. She has a further 12 years’ experience of coaching and mentoring managers across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Her experience means she understands the dilemmas, challenges and opportunities that leaders and managers face every day which makes her training real and impactful.

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