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I am reading Suddenly Single right now. It is absolutely fantastic. So well written. You're an inspiration xx

I heard about Suddenly Single on my first full day back in the office after 3 months sick leave and whilst struggling from finding myself newly single after a six and a half year relationship!  Needless to say it was very timely and my copy is on order from Amazon!  Looking forward to hopefully finding some coping strategies.

After 17 years and a life of promises I too am Suddenly Single! Life can test us in some cruel ways. I know that eventually, I'll be fine. Your book, couldn't have appeared in my life at any better time. Only now, after nearly 12 months I'm starting to admit to myself that he left me and never looked back. Thank you

I started reading Suddenly Single last night, I couldn't put it down. Very addictive, can't wait to read it again tonight.

An inspiring read for women who want to take back control of their lives after a difficult breakup. Inside are stories which are sometimes witty and sometimes sad but always relatable! This book has been written for Suddenly Single women by a Suddenly Single woman.

Suddenly Single is perfect for anyone struggling with a broken heart and finding it hard to move on. Denise writes bravely combining her own experiences with practical advice. I love the focus is on not being a victim but on finding yourself and happiness through this. Everyone has had their heartbroken and we all need someone to hold our hand - this book is just that.

Denise articulates the emotion of becoming suddenly single with superb accuracy and gives comfort that you are not the only person going through this. The further chapters give practical examples and help you to come out the other side, not only intact but empowered and far happier.

I read most of Suddenly Single on the train late last night. Recognise many of the lessons and wish I'd had it around for my break ups ...

Really wish I'd had access to Suddenly Single when I went through my break up. Really easy read! I've already recommended it to a few people.

This is a great book for anyone who finds themselves alone after a relationship breakdown (whether you're the one who was left or the one who left). Full of great stories from people who've experienced the pain of lost dreams, loneliness, "will I ever recover?" questions and other traumas of life in relationship with other human beings. Denise shares her own heartbreaks and, most importantly, her sound advice for moving through the tough times and out back into your new life post-relationship. Buy a copy, read it, hand it on to someone who needs it next!

Excellent, gentle, practical wisdom. Suddenly Single is not just for the heartbroken, but for those who are feeling confused and hurt by crappy relationships. Some great tips on taking back control by walking away.... So quick and easy to digest, beautifully written.

This book covers every angle of the roller coaster emotions confronting anyone who finds themselves suddenly single. Written with compassion, there is great comfort, insight and humour to be found in these pages alongside real life stories and practical advice.

Fantastic book. A great read also for those people who haven't found themselves suddenly single yet! The book really motivated me and helped me to reflect on my own behaviours. I would recommend this book to everyone.

I've just finished reading the most therapeutic, inspiring and motivational book Suddenly Single. Thank you.


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