Team Development Days

Team Development Days with Denise offer teams an opportunity to reflect on what works well and what needs improvement. Denise has 15 years’ experience managing people and teams in large organisations such as Royal Sun Alliance and Bank of America and a further 10 years’ experience working with a wide range of teams facing change and challenges across the public, private and not for profit sector.

She understands how teams work and the impact of reactive behaviour on working relationships. Her coaching approach to facilitation ensures a safe, non-judgemental space for all members of the team where courageous and meaningful discussion is encouraged. At the end of the day, teams leave feeling positive and with actions to take them forward.

Who are Team Development Days for?

Team Development Days are ideal for managers and leaders with:


  • New teams
  • New team members / new manager
  • Teams working virtually, based in different locations
  • Teams dealing with restructuring, rapid change or uncertainty
  • Any team wanting to improve working relationships

What are Team Development Days for?

When people get caught up in the day-to-day practicalities, working relationships pay the price so these days give teams an opportunity to spend time together to focus on:


  • their relationships
  • what is important to each individual
  • co-creating solutions to existing challenges
  • moving forward and being successful


Having the right space with minimal interruption increases the chance of a successful day for everyone. These team days can be held on or off-site at a location convenient to you.

How does a Team Development Day work?

Team Development Days are informal, informative and inclusive.


Absolutely no roleplay or death by PowerPoint!


The day is all about you and your team.


You and your team help design the day to ensure that content is relevant. All members are invited to answer a short questionnaire to determine what the day should include and should not include.

Team Development Days
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For up to 12 people

Denise Chilton Executive Coach & Leadership Development Specialist

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