Back in April, an email landed in my inbox from Forward Ladies*. It said, “we would very much like to congratulate you on being nominated for the FL National Awards 2018”. I was as surprised as I was delighted because nobody mentioned putting me forwards. I still don’t know who it was but whoever, you are – thank you.

So, I am over the moon to share that, three months after being nominated by a mystery individual, I have now been shortlisted by the judges for the Forward Ladies’ Diversity Champion of the Year category in North West, Wales, Ireland & the Isle of Man. And after the regional finals throughout October, there will be the grand final in London. I cannot believe it!

The Diversity Champion of the Year award is for women who have a track record in mentoring and developing future leaders of industry. Coaching and mentoring is my calling and it is core to the person that I am. I love what I do and the rewards that my work gives me are enough but to have the impact of my coaching recognised is truly humbling.

I believe that my purpose is to help other women find their own purpose. Offering women a safe space to express their emotions and vulnerabilities without judgement, means those women can explore who they are and what holds them back. Coaching helps to advance women’s careers by removing the barriers that prevent them from advancing in the same way that men do.

Being shortlisted for this award is a reminder of just how important it is to support women in business to fulfil their potential. It gives credibility to coaching – and I hope it will encourage more women to invest in themselves.

At its best, coaching changes lives. It creates a safe space for the coach and the client to share experience and wisdom. It is an opportunity for the client to be inspired by someone who has walked a similar path and overcome the challenges that the client now faces. It allows the client to see challenges from a new perspective, builds confidence and resilience, and empowers women to take the path that is right for them.

This award isn’t for me. It is in recognition for the women I coach every day who invest in their own journey of self-discovery and look to find their own life purpose. The recognition that this award gives provides credibility for the work I do in championing women so I can do more!

*Forward Ladies’ mission is to create a global platform which connects women to opportunities, networks, businesses and expertise that empowers women to achieve their individual aspirations, whilst also helping companies to achieve much-needed diversity in leadership and the wider business community.

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