The COVID-19 crisis continues to place extraordinary demands on senior leaders and managers.


Demands that have never been seen before.


The pandemic has completely changed how we connect and communicate not only with each other but with our wider teams, our clients and even our friends and our family.


If you’re reading this, you have probably spent the last few months trying to create a sense of calm for the people you lead.


Hasn’t it been exhausting? But surprisingly at times exhilarating too.


You’ve had to…

  • navigate huge amounts of uncertainty and change
  • focus on overcoming never-before-seen challenges
  • make really complex decisions
  • look to the future and create a vision for recovery (whilst everything continues to change)
  • appear calm on the outside when on the inside you feel anything but
  • and be a role model, a decision maker, a troubleshooter, a counsellor and an all-round superhero


So, things have been changing all the time but the business world that is emerging is a very different landscape.


One in which change is the only certainty and where success is dependent on the conditions you create to help your people thrive.


That is why now more than ever is the right time for coaching.

Why does a coaching approach work?

  1. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to help organisations navigate change. Many of the tools and techniques are scientifically proven to reduce stress and build resilience so people can perform at their best.
  2. One of the cornerstones of coaching is a belief that the person being coached is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. That the person has answers and solutions to their own questions or if not, that they will know where to find them. The coach with powerful questions helps them dig a little deeper knowing that the best advice comes from within.
  3. Coaching provides the perfect space to help a person press the pause button to look back and capture learning. What worked well and not so well? A confidential space to be listened to and express how they are feeling.
  4. Coaching offers a space to get clarity, talk through a solution to a complex problem, to reflect on strategic and operational challenges, get an external perspective, provide insight or simply to come up for air!
  5. Coaching sessions present an opportunity for a person to consider their strengths and leadership style. How do they lead under pressure? What situations have them adopt a command and control approach and be less collaborative and compassionate? What is the real challenge they face right now?

Coaching Offer

In response to the need for a different type of leadership support at this time I have introduced a new flexible coaching offer for leaders and managers.


There are options for both 60 and 90 minute sessions over 3 and 6 month periods – with evening and weekend hours available.


The starting point is an initial conversation in which we determine the current challenges and desired outcomes.


We then co-create the programme of coaching support that meets your needs and will support you and your people now and as you move forward


All coaching sessions are delivered virtually by Zoom, Skype or telephone at mutually convenient times.


If you are a new manager/have new managers who also require an element of mentoring that can be included in the offer too with resources to help those managing teams.


If you are a leader, manager wanting to support yourself or an HR Manager wanting to support several managers or leaders in your organisation I would be delighted to help so get in touch.


If you would like some more information, please call 07960 478 023 or email or use the contact form at the bottom of this page

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If you are a leader, manager wanting to support yourself or an HR Manager wanting to support several managers or leaders in your organisation I would be delighted to help so get in touch.

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