Sometimes a coaching assignment benefits from a dash of mentoring.


If it’s career coaching, the perfect job opportunity doesn’t always open up immediately.


As is normal in life, there is often a short wait for things to line up but change always comes.


And when the time is right, the opportunity appears and the client is ready for the challenge in a way that they hadn’t been previously.


Eight months ago I worked with a woman who had become stuck and frustrated in her role.


She couldn’t see any opportunities on the horizon.


Her coaching was a journey of self-discovery.


She got clear on her strengths, what made her unique and what she actually liked about the organisation she worked for.


By the end of our time together she had started to believe in herself and feel more hopeful and confident about her prospects.


A simple mindset shift with some practical interview tips paid off.


On Tuesday morning this message dropped in my inbox:


Hi Denise- hope you’re well. I just wanted to let you know that I secured a new job yesterday. I had my interview on Monday and spent the weekend preparing and used all the tips you taught me in our sessions. My feedback was very good, the panel of three said I came across very confident and I was very knowledgeable which is unbelievable because I was always previously a shaky nervous wreck. I’m absolutely made up as I’m now moving into a new team with a promotion, I finally feel like I’m spreading my wings. Thank you so much for all your support and guidance in our sessions.