At its best, mentoring can change lives. It creates a safe space for the mentor and the mentee to share experience and wisdom. It’s an opportunity for the mentee to be inspired by someone who has walked a similar path and overcome the challenges that the mentee now faces. It allows the mentee to see the challenges from a new perspective, builds confidence, and encourages people to move forwards on a path that is right for them.

How To Be A Manager

How To Be A Manager

I was in my mid-20s, working for a large Financial Services company in Liverpool and had recently taken over a really challenging team from another manager who had been “let go”. It was one of those great career development opportunities – although I did wonder if perhaps, they had just not been able to find anyone else! I remember going home one Friday evening after surviving my first week as a new manager thinking about how I had no idea what I was doing – and that I needed to read a “How To Be A Manager” book.

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