Client Stories

This client had been in a stable senior role for many years and was feeling lost as to what her next career move should be. She had been applying for new roles but wasn’t having any success with her applications which impacted her confidence and left her feeling low. 

The Academy at the University of Liverpool was looking to partner with a highly experienced facilitator to deliver their two-day Stepping into Management workshop. The course would focus on the development of personal and interpersonal skills of managers and leaders and creating an understanding of the role of the manager within a university setting

Fraser felt like he had been going around in circles throughout most of his career. Career coaching helped him overcome interview nerves and secure his ideal job role within 3 months.

Denise is one of a team of coaches that worked with Prosper to create and deliver an innovative, impactful and engaging career development model that would offer postdocs a fresh perspective on their career options.

After moving into a new role, Hannah’s confidence hit rock bottom, she felt like she was floundering and the lack of support was causing a strain on a professional relationship with a colleague.

Laura was feeling unfulfilled in her role but wanted to push forwards in her career and create realistic boundaries with her personal life.

Louise’s goal was to reflect on her leadership impact and identify any unhelpful behaviours so she could make changes and emerge as a more effective leader.

Anna had recently returned to work after a long career break but her time away from the workplace, despite her wealth of experience, had impacted her confidence.

This client was in a senior role within a large public body. There seemed to be plenty of opportunities available to her, yet she was feeling overwhelmed about which direction to take.

The request from the University of Liverpool was for a group coaching programme which would focus on developing skills, building confidence and encourage behaviour change.

Sara reached a point in her career where she felt ready to step up from being a manager and take on a head of department role.

Barbara Ashall is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who embarked on a 12 month secondment and wanted to feel more confident about her leadership ability.

Emma Johnson stepped up into a Chief Executive role and wanted to feel more confident in her ability to create change and generate engagement.

Lucy was considering a change of direction in her career but was not sure what she wanted to do or how to move forwards.

Emma came to Denise for Executive Coaching after she started a new role which was making her very unhappy. She had lost a lot of confidence and was feeling very apprehensive.

Alasdair was considering bringing Executive Coaching into Recycling Lives but wanted to experience it for himself first. He has since started to roll out coaching to everyone within the organisation.

The Senior Leadership team of a tertiary hospital in the Middle East wanted to create a culture which was acceptable to a wide range of people.

Sinead had recently stepped up into a Clinical Director role and wanted some coaching support to work at a more strategic level.

Gill had a number of self-limiting beliefs that were holding her back in her career. She came for some career coaching to help her decide on her next move.

Tracey received coaching as part of her organisation’s outplacement programme. She wanted support developing her self-confidence and changing her career.

Stephen had Executive Coaching as part of Beyond’s GP coaching programme. He was feeling despondent and apprehensive about the future and was looking for a way out.

This client undertook a coaching programme because they wanted to make a change and move forward in life after the breakdown of a relationship.

After 16 years in the teaching profession, this client was lacking work-life balance and had an enormous sense of failure. They hoped that coaching would get them back on track.