The Client

Name: Louise Merrin

Job Title: Head of Development at Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse

Type of Coaching: Executive coaching (six month programme)


The Challenge:

The pandemic left Louise feeling like she needed a “mindset reset”. Through coaching, she wanted to develop herself as a leader and explore how best to develop the people she leads. Her goal was to reflect on her leadership impact and identify any unhelpful behaviours so she could make changes and emerge as a more effective leader.


The Techniques:
  • Powerful questions helped Louise to explore in-depth who she was as a leader and to identify her authentic leadership style.
  • A strengths profile identified her strengths and potential.
  • Coaching techniques helped Louise better manage her imposter syndrome and overcome negative mind chatter.
  • Visualisation encouraged Louise to tap into her creativity and be more adventurous both professionally and personally
  • Perspective work helped Louise to understand more about her team and their motivations.


The Outcome

Career coaching helped Louise to:


  • Develop a more compassionate leadership style
  • Adopt a more adventurous mindset
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Develop confidence in her own strengths and abilities
  • Create and take advantage of opportunities that came her way
  • Understand more about her team’s dynamics and each individual’s motivations
  • Give more constructive and helpful feedback to her team
  • Have practical tools to help maximise individuals performance




The Feedback

“I found Denise to be approachable, personable, engaging, fun and insightful. There were lots of lightbulb moments and I would say to anyone looking for ways in which you can instantly make a change and have a better impact, coaching is a perfect way .”


“Coaching with Denise has led me on to a path of both personal development and that of a leader. It feels like this journey has just started. I now want to ensure I am an ambassador for a coaching culture in the workplace so people can be their best. I want to increase employee engagement, build trust, build psychological safety in the workplace, improve wellbeing and build resilience. And I want people to be able to stretch themselves in a safe environment.”


“Coaching enabled me to block out the noise going on in my head and focus on the things that mattered. It taught me a lot about myself and my impact. It has been such a positive and helpful experience and I only wish I had done it sooner!”

Coaching enabled me to block out the noise going on in my head and focus on the things that mattered - Louise Merrin

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