The Client

Name: Emma Johnson

Job Title: Chief Executive at St Leonard’s Hospice

Type of Coaching: Executive Coaching


The Challenge:

Emma had recently stepped up from Director of Nursing and Clinical Services to Chief Executive, taking on new responsibilities such as financial planning, strategic direction and income direction. However, she wanted to feel more confident in her ability to create change and generate engagement from the people she was working with. She was in the grips of Imposter Syndrome, frequently second guessing herself whilst also putting pressure on herself to know everything.


The Techniques:
  • Exploring who Emma was as a leader and how she could apply aspects of leadership models
  • Supporting Emma to identify her strengths, professional achievements and impact
  • Learning about managing the negative “chimp” mind chatter
  • Signposting Emma to further resources to continue her self-development


The Outcome

Executive Coaching helped Emma to:


  • Manage and overcome her self-doubt
  • Have difficult conversations and manage challenging situations with staff
  • Enrol people into her vision for the hospice
  • Influence workplace culture
  • Create engagement with the people she was working with
  • Develop confidence to show vulnerability and as such become a better leader
  • Commit to not taking working home a few days every week resulting in stronger work-life balance
  • Stop pressuring herself to know everything
  • Take a step back operationally and enable others in their roles



The Feedback


“Denise had a mass of experience and knowledge and an innate ability to really read into what I was saying. I went into things thinking that she would give me the answers but actually what she did was give me ideas and theories and then allowed me to develop the thinking and get to the solutions myself. I really enjoyed it and have really benefitted from her work. In particular, I feel a lot more confident in the vulnerability side of leadership.”

I feel a lot more confident in the vulnerability side of leadership - Emma Johnson

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