The Client

Name:  Alasdair Jackson

Job Title:  CSR and Sustainability Director

Type of Coaching: Executive Coaching

The Challenge:
  • Alasdair was considering bringing coaching into Recycling Lives but wanted to experience it for himself first
  • Alasdair was intrigued about what executive coaching could help him achieve
The Outcome
  • feels more able to deal with situations calmly
  • resolved some long term issues that were stopping him progressing
  • achieved a great sense of clarity about his future: personally as well as professionally
  • developed confidence to push the charity to a national level
  • able to prioritise strategic and operational goals
  • started to roll out coaching to everyone within the organisation
The Feedback

“Working with Denise has enabled me to focus on the next few years and I don’t think I could have done that without her. I was comfortable and happy in my life, so I would have just kept plodding along. Our charity works a lot with homeless people and ex-offenders. Talking through things with Denise has motivated me to go out and push the charity further and start to knock on doors at a national level.”

Executive Coaching Testimonial

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