The Client

Name: Barbara Ashall

Job Title: Macmillan Lead Upper Gastrointestinal Nurse Specialist

Type of Coaching: Macmillan Coaching – Six Month Programme


The Challenge:

Barbara is a Clinical Nurse Specialist. She had embarked on a 12-month secondment and had welcomed the opportunity despite feeling out of her comfort zone. She wanted to feel more confident in her own leadership abilities and handing the management responsibilities that came with the role. Barbara was also questioning whether she had the right skillset for the role and was feeling as though everyone else around her was better than she was.


The Techniques:
  • Managing Barbara’s negative “chimp” mind chatter to modify thoughts and behaviours that were holding her back
  • Understanding team dynamics and increasing Barbara’s awareness of how she leads the team
  • Learning to recognise the strengths of her peers and colleagues to maximise performance and achieve overall goals


The Outcome

Coaching helped Barbara to:


  • Increase her own self-awareness so that she could operate more effectively with peers and colleagues
  • Reflect on different perspectives to understand situations from others’ points of view
  • Pause and respond instead of react so that she could manage challenging situations
  • Feel more confident in her skills and abilities when she was out of her comfort zone



The Feedback

I always felt really exposed – like I was naked at the front of a room. After coaching, I feel like I’m the conductor and more in control. It has made me a better person both personally and professionally. It’s enabled me to think differently, it’s changed my outlook, it’s increased my self-awareness and it’s made me understand myself and others much better.


“Denise is amazing. Very easy to work with and very approachable. People have noticed a difference in me. If you’ve got an opportunity to have coaching, take it – definitely. I’m recommending it to everyone!”

coaching made me understand myself and others much better. I'm recommending it to everyone - Barbara Ashall

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