The Client

Name: Sinead Clarke

Job Title: Macmillan Cancer and End of Life Care Lead, General Practitioner (GP), Clinical Director for Performance, Finance and IT with the NHS South Cheshire and NHS Vale Royal Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG).

Type of Coaching: Executive Coaching through Macmillan Professionals Coaching Programme

The Challenge:

1) There was a considerable amount of change going on within the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Sinead did not know where she would be (or where she wanted to be) at the end of that transition period.

2) Becoming Clinical Director was a big step up and Sinead wanted some support growing into the role and working at a strategic level.

The Techniques
  • Identifying values helped Sinead to understand that keeping patient contact alongside her strategic work is important to her
  • Recognising when her “Inner Chimp” was speaking helped Sinead to understand her behaviour and why others might be behaving in a particular way
  • Imagining herself either as a different person or as somebody with more confidence helped Sinead to see things from different perspectives.
The Outcome

Coaching helped Sinead to:


  • clarify where she wanted to head in her career
  • overcome the lack of confidence she had about working at a strategic level
  • recognise that her skillset works well at her level
  • realise that she ‘deserves’ to be in this role
  • develop her resilience
  • prioritise more effectively
The Feedback

“Executive Coaching was transformative and totally worthwhile, but it was also challenging and I learned that you cannot change unless you are willing to look at some difficult things. Denise helped me to challenge the way I think in a very supportive way. I never felt vulnerable or exposed – just safe. I feel like I now have several techniques at my fingertips to use in difficult situations or situations where I would like to have more influence.”

Coaching helped me feel confident about working at a strategic level - Sinead Clarke

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