The Client

Name: Anna

Job Title: Senior retail professional

Type of Coaching: Career coaching (six month programme)


The Challenge:

Anna sought out coaching because she was looking for some structured support in her life and career so that she could move forwards in a direction that was right for her. She had recently returned to work after a long career break but her time away from the workplace, despite her wealth of experience, had impacted her confidence, particularly around managing teams. She was also dealing with a challenging work environment where it was difficult to add value and where she didn’t feel listened to.


The Techniques:
  • Undertaking a Strengths Profile enabled Anna to identify her strengths and how she could use these strengths to support her career transition.
  • Anna was introduced to and implemented a number of practical tools that helped her feel more confident when having to deal with challenging situations.
  • Coaching provided Anna with a safe, non-judgemental space and confidential sounding board where she could be open and honest when she was having a difficult time.
  • Visualising how she wanted her future to look, together with some values clarification,  helped Anna make a succinct plan that would move her forward.


The Outcome

Career coaching helped Anna to:


  • Recognise what really motivated her (adding value and working closely with people to support them)
  • Identify her strengths
  • Regain her confidence
  • Understand her own impact and behaviour in difficult situations
  • Achieve greater balance in her personal life
  • Apply practical tools to deal with challenging teams

With her growth in confidence, Anna explored challenging the working environment she was in to make positive change. When it didn’t change, she made the brave decision to leave the organisation and start her own business!


At the start of her coaching journey, she said starting her own venture was something she would never be able to do.


Anna said:

“I was reading back through the initial questionnaire I filled out for Denise, there was a question which asked, “Looking forward three years, if you were doing something that you were really happy with, what would it be?”

“I answered “I’ll be in a role that I enjoy where I feel like I’m adding value, I’m part of the team, I’m shaping the direction of the business, my children are happy and supported, and I’m able to manage my team between work and family life”

And that is exactly what I’m doing now!”


The Feedback

“I would definitely say my confidence has come back. I’m going to start my own business which I didn’t think I would ever do. You could have knocked me down with a feather if you’d said I’d be doing this. I didn’t think I’d have the strength to go out on my own and try something new! 

“Through the Strengths Profile, I identified that I like to add value by working closely with people and supporting them. And I can do it in my business. I can help people and enjoy my work.

“I value myself and what I can offer. I feel empowered to go ahead and go get what I want to get. 

“Denise was very warm, approachable and empathetic. I really enjoyed working with her. If you’ve identified that you want support then Denise will be able to support you. She’s helped me with my journey and I’m sure she’ll be able to help you with yours. I found it invaluable and I’m really glad I had the coaching.”

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