The Client

Name: Stephen Smith

Job Title: GP

Type of Coaching: Executive Coaching – as part of Beyond’s GP coaching programme

The Challenge:
  • Stephen was feeling despondent and apprehensive about the future
  • Stephen felt trapped and was looking for a way out
The Outcome
  • Feels optimistic about the future and the things he will achieve
  • No longer dreads the next phase of his life – but is looking forward to it
  • Got a clearer understanding of what makes him tick, what his potential is and how it can translate into career development
  • Equipped with a range of techniques that get him thinking in different ways and challenging assumptions.
The Feedback

“Denise, what a legend! I speak to people and they ask why I seem so upbeat about the future and I tell them that Denise has helped me believe in myself again, given me the strength to make changes so I can realise my potential at work (and play!) and given me back the zest for life. I tell them they should find an Executive Coach like Denise so they can look up from the ground and see the good things in life and the opportunities they have and how to reach their potential.”

I got a clearer understanding of what makes me tick and what my potential is. - Stephen Smith

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