In the Workplace

When leaders are rundown, exhausted and drained, it impacts their ability to think innovatively and creatively. Ultimately, this trickles down to other members of the team, affecting their work experience and stress levels. The impact that this can have on the business as a whole is huge.

Why Now Is The Time To Focus On Your Team’s Strengths

Why Now Is The Time To Focus On Your Team’s Strengths

I have been coaching teams for many years – always with a focus on strengths. “What does this team do well and how can you reap the rewards of a strengths-based approach to reach your goals?” is usually my starter for 10 question. When organisations and managers focus on maximising individuals’ strengths instead of focusing on developing their weaknesses, the result is a happier workplace with higher levels of engagement, motivation and performance. So if ever there was a time to help your people feel more engaged, valued and motivated, it’s now! 

Virtual WorkshopThe Manager's Pit Stop: The Essentials

A one-day virtual workshop that's interactive, informal and fun. It's designed for those people who want to feel more confident about managing people and spend a bit of time on their own development.