Earlier this year I was once again asked to join the team at Beyond Consultants and deliver on the NHS England Personal Development Coaching Programme.

This year over 300 GPs across England were given the chance to work with a coach providing them with an opportunity to pause, reflect, make changes and take action that would support them in their roles at a time in the NHS when there are surmounting pressures coming at them from every direction.

The flexibility of coaching is you can do it anytime and anywhere. In today’s digital world all things are made possible. I often get asked “but can you really get results and build a great coaching relationship over Facetime or Skype?” The answer is a massive “yes”.  I have used Skype, telephone and Facetime to coach people as far afield as Tanzania and Toronto, Switzerland and Israel with great results.

Here is the feedback from one of my “virtual GP’s” Stephen a senior partner in his GP practice in the South of England. I think you will see if all the connections have been made –  both the coach and client and the IT, then magic can still happen…

Denise, what a legend!

I was a bit apprehensive going into the coaching but straight away Denise made me feel relaxed and confident that we could work well together. Throughout the sessions, I got a clearer understanding of what makes me tick and what my potential is and how I can translate that into career development.

Before the coaching, I was feeling despondent and apprehensive about the future. I felt trapped and I was looking for a way out. Now it has completely turned around and I feel optimistic about the future and the things I will achieve over the next 10 years. I no longer dread the next phase of my life, I’m looking forward to it – bring it on!

I was impressed with the range of techniques that Denise used to get me to think in different ways and to challenge assumptions. The storyboard was particularly useful and I keep looking at it in my study. I also appreciated the holistic approach that she took and felt comfortable talking about other facets of my character that were relevant to my work.

I speak to other people and they ask me why I seem so upbeat about the future and I tell them that Denise has helped believe in myself again, given me the strength to make changes so I can realise my potential at work (and at play!) and given me back the zest for life. I tell them, they should find a coach like Denise so they can look up from the ground and see the good things in life and the opportunities they have and how to reach their potential.

Thank you for working with me – you’ve been an inspiration and are a very special person.

Stephen Smith