​​Career Coaching can help if you are looking for purpose, motivation or fulfilment at work or in your career.

The sessions will help you to understand more about yourself, who you are and what is important to you. It is a space which allows for new ways of thinking and creates options and possibilities to help you improve your situation or simply appreciate what you have. Career coaching is particularly beneficial for people who have reached a crossroads in their career, are feeling “stuck” or unfulfilled in their current role, are disappointed that they aren’t where they hoped they would be professionally or hate their job and need an escape plan


It can help to:

  • Gain a different perspective on your career options
  • Align your vision with your values to help you make decisions that fulfil you
  • Create a plan to help you get a new job or change your career direction
  • Feel like you are in control of your career and choices
  • Gain clarity on your transferable skills and strengths
  • Remain calm and be the best you can at interview
  • Feel more confident about career advancement in your current organisation

In the sports world, every athlete has a coach.

The athlete has the skill and fitness level to achieve their goals but needs some extra guidance from a coach to help them stay on the right path and perform at their best.


Denise plays the same role for people who are feeling stuck or unfulfilled. She will help you by:


  • Supporting you to get clear on what you really want from your career
  • Encouraging and motivating you to accomplish your professional goals
  • Offering a different perspective to help you get clarity
  • Identify thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and helping you to overcome them
  • Believing in you and your potential until you are ready to do that for yourself
  • Helping you to build your confidence and self belief
  • Supporting you to get back up after a setback
  • Helping you to get the career you want – not the one someone else wants for you


Coaching is about making changes and sometimes that can feel quite scary so you will set the pace. You will also set the agenda for the sessions and decide on what you would like to focus on.


Then, Denise provides creates a safe non-judgemental space for you to explore and reflect, offers a different perspective and challenges assumptions. Her role as coach is to listen and ask the right questions so you can come up with your own solutions.

It is available as a three or six month package

The first session is a 90-minute Coaching Discovery session and is used for establishing objectives, designing a way to work together and defining what success will look like for you.


Session times on the following sessions are either 60-minute or 90 minutes – you get to choose. The frequency of sessions is agreed during the Coaching Discovery but you should be able to commit to a minimum of one session per month. This enables the coaching to gather some momentum and allows the coaching relationship to develop and be powerful. So if the going gets tough, as it sometimes does, you stay working together through to the other side.


On completion, you and Denise will review where you are and look at the options that will serve you best going forward. “Top Up” Coaching sessions, which keep you moving forward, are available for individuals who have completed a three or six-month coaching programme.


Career coaching can take place face-to-face in a mutually agreed location, delivered by telephone or virtually by Zoom, Facetime, MS Teams.

Client stories

Tracey was being made redundant and came to Denise for Executive Coaching as part of her organisation’s outplacement programme. She wanted support developing her self-confidence and changing her career.

Alasdair was considering bringing Executive Coaching into Recycling Lives but wanted to experience it for himself first. He has since started to roll out coaching to everyone within the organisation.


Three Month
£750 + VAT

1 x 90-minute Discovery Coaching session

2 x 90-minute Career Coaching sessions

Unlimited email support between sessions

Six Month
£1500 + VAT

1 x 90-minute Discovery Coaching session

5 x 90-minute Career Coaching sessions

Unlimited email support between sessions

Career Coaching

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So whether you want to change your career direction, create a plan to help you get a new job or feel more confident and in control of your career then Career Coaching is for you. Get in touch with Denise with a few words about what you are looking for.

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